ID                   = CDS/P/GALEXGR6/AIS/NUV
creator_did          = ivo://CDS/P/GALEXGR6/AIS/NUV
obs_collection       = GALEX Allsky Imaging Survey (AIS) NUV
obs_title            = GALEX GR6 AIS (until March 2014)- NEAR UV
obs_description      = From its launch into low-Earth orbit on April 28, 2003 the GALEX NUV camera operated almost continuously. The Project suspended operations of the FUV camera following an electrical overcurrent in May 2009. GALEX data products include a series of all sky surveys and deep sky surveys in the imaging mode, and partial surveys in the near and far UV spectroscopic modes. The principal imaging studies are the Nearby Galaxy Survey (NGS), Deep (DIS), Medium (MIS), and All Sky Imaging Surveys (AIS). The GALEX GR6 direct imaging data release are to be delivered to MAST between April and June 2010. The grism data release will occur shortly thereafter. The most notable changes between GR6 and GR4/5 include changes to the bandmerged source catalog (-mcat.fits). The Project has removed 26 columns which are either redundant or of questionable quality. These include the "BEST" and "ISOCOR" fluxes and magnitudes. The Project has also added 53 columns, mostly FUV measurements using the NUV source position.  Significant updates and improvements have been made to the calibrations used for the GR6 data reductions.
obs_copyright_url    =
prov_progenitor      = STScI (NASA)
client_category      = Deprecated/HiPS/CDS/UV/GALEX
client_sort_key      = 02-01-02
hips_creation_date   = 2014-05-02T21:02Z
hips_release_date    = 2019-05-05T06:21Z
hips_builder         = Aladin/HipsGen v10.123
hips_creator         = Fernique P. (CDS)
hips_version         = 1.4
hips_order           = 8
hips_frame           = equatorial
hips_tile_width      = 512
hips_tile_format     = png fits
dataproduct_type     = image
hips_pixel_cut       = -0.001 0.05
moc_access_url       =
hips_progenitor_url  =
hips_service_url     =
hips_status          = public master clonableOnce
hips_copyright       = CNRS/Unistra
obs_ack              = We acknowledge the contribution of the JHU Sloan Digital Sky Survey group to the development of this site. Many of its features were inspired by the look and feel of the SkyServer. A special thanks goes to Tamas Budavari for his help with the SDSS-GALEX matching and to Wil O'Mullane for his help with the CASJobs site setup and configuration. We also acknowledge Randy Thompson (MAST) for providing IDL IUEDAC routines and Mark Siebert for providing IDL routines to generate tile JPEG images.
bib_reference        = 2014AdSpR..53..900B
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t_min                = 55287
t_max                = 55348
obs_regime           = UV
em_min               = 1.771e-7
em_max               = 2.831e-7
hips_pixel_scale     = 4.473E-4
hips_initial_fov     = 45.0
hips_initial_ra      = 210.43262500
hips_initial_dec     = 11.01900000
hips_order_min       = 0
hips_pixel_bitpix    = -32
moc_sky_fraction     = 0.7961
hips_estsize         = 1008605641
hipsgen_date         = 2019-05-05T06:21Z
hipsgen_params       = out=/asd-volumes/sc1-asd-volume10/GALEX/GR6-03-2014/AIS-ND UPDATE
hips_service_url_1   =
hips_status_1        = public mirror clonableOnce
hips_service_url_2   =
hips_status_2        = public mirror unclonable
moc_type             = stmoc
moc_time_order       = 25
moc_time_range       = 1
moc_order            = 8
obs_initial_ra       = 210.43262500
obs_initial_dec      = 11.01900000
obs_initial_fov      = 0.2290324274544937
TIMESTAMP            = 1697789028175