ID                   = CDS/P/GALEXGR6_7/NUV
hips_doi             = 10.26093/cds/aladin/20ag-p3d
hips_initial_fov     = 45.0
hips_initial_ra      = 210.43262500
hips_initial_dec     = 11.01900000
creator_did          = ivo://CDS/P/GALEXGR6_7/NUV
hips_creator         = Buga M. (CDS)
hips_copyright       = CNRS/Unistra
obs_title            = GALEXGR6_7 NUV
obs_collection       = GALEX NUV
obs_description      = The Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) satellite is a NASA mission led by the California Institute of Technology to investigate how star formation in galaxies evolved from the early Universe up to the present. GALEX uses microchannel plate detectors to obtain direct images in the near-UV (NUV) and far-UV (FUV) and a grism to disperse light for low resolution spectroscopy. From its launch into low-Earth orbit on April 28, 2003 the GALEX NUV camera operated almost continuously. The Project suspended operations of the FUV camera following an electrical overcurrent in May 2009. GALEX data products include a series of all sky surveys and deep sky surveys in the imaging mode, and partial surveys in the near and far UV spectroscopic modes. The principal imaging studies are the Nearby Galaxy Survey (NGS), Deep (DIS), Medium (MIS), and All Sky Imaging Surveys (AIS). During the course of the mission, the GALEX team have released data to the public through MAST at discrete times. The last complete release was the GR6 (late 2010 through mid 2011 for imaging supplements and the grism survey). A final release of GALEX data arrived in late 2012 at MAST. These included a number of redelivered GR6 data (additional visits and associated coadds from 2003 onwards), along with new tiles within GR7, which span approximately from Jan. 2010 through Feb. 2012
obs_ack              = We acknowledge the contribution of the JHU Sloan Digital Sky Survey group to the development of this site. Many of its features were inspired by the look and feel of the SkyServer. A special thanks goes to Tamas Budavari for his help with the SDSS-GALEX matching and to Wil O'Mullane for his help with the CASJobs site setup and configuration. We also acknowledge Randy Thompson (MAST) for providing IDL IUEDAC routines and Mark Siebert for providing IDL routines to generate tile JPEG images.
prov_progenitor      = STScI (NASA)
bib_reference        = 2017ApJS..230...24B
bib_reference_url    =
client_category      = Image/UV/GALEX
obs_copyright        = STScI (NASA)
obs_copyright_url    =
t_min                = 52757.4858796
t_max                = 56471.4858796
obs_regime           = UV
em_min               = 1.771e-7
em_max               = 2.831e-7
hips_builder         = Aladin/HipsGen v11.101
hips_version         = 1.4
hips_release_date    = 2022-03-17T03:25Z
hips_frame           = equatorial
hips_order           = 9
hips_order_min       = 0
hips_tile_width      = 512
hips_status          = public master clonableOnce
hips_tile_format     = png fits
hips_pixel_bitpix    = -32
hips_pixel_scale     = 2.236E-4
dataproduct_type     = image
moc_sky_fraction     = 0.788
hips_estsize         = 3649325330
hipsgen_date         = 2022-02-12T01:43Z
hipsgen_params       = out=CDS_P_GALEXGR6_7_NUV_int creator_did=CDS/P/GALEXGR6_7/NUV hips_frame=equatorial TREE
hips_creation_date   = 2022-02-12T01:43Z
hipsgen_date_1       = 2022-03-16T13:27Z
hipsgen_params_1     = out=CDS_P_GALEXGR6_7_NUV_int creator_did=CDS/P/GALEXGR6_7/NUV -f "hips_pixel_cut=0.001 0.1 sqrt" method=MEAN PNG
hips_pixel_cut       = 0.001 0.1
hips_service_url     =
hips_service_url_1   =
hips_status_1        = public mirror clonableOnce
moc_type             = stmoc
moc_time_order       = 25
moc_time_range       = 1
moc_order            = 9
obs_initial_ra       = 210.43262500
obs_initial_dec      = 11.01900000
obs_initial_fov      = 0.11451621372724685
TIMESTAMP            = 1702419485724