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obs_title            = IRAS-IRIS HEALPix survey, color
obs_description      = The Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) had a tremendous impact on many areas of modern astrophysics. In particular it revealed the ubiquity of infrared cirrus that are a spectacular manifestation of the interstellar medium complexity but also an important foreground for observational cosmology. With the forthcoming Planck satellite there is a need for all-sky complementary data sets with arcminute resolution that can bring informations on specific foreground emissions that contaminate the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation. With its ~4' resolution matching perfectly the high-frequency bands of Planck, IRAS is a natural data set to study the variations of dust properties at all scales. But the latest version of the images delivered by the IRAS team (the ISSA plates) suffers from calibration, zero level and striping problems that can preclude its use, especially at 12 and 25 micron. In this paper we present how we proceeded to solve each of these problems and enhance significantly the general quality of the ISSA plates in the four bands (12, 25, 60 and 100 microns). This new generation of IRAS images, called IRIS, benefits from a better zodiacal light subtraction, from a calibration and zero level compatible with DIRBE, and from a better destriping. At 100 micron the IRIS product is also a significant improvement from the Schlegel et al. (1998) maps. IRIS keeps the full ISSA resolution, it includes well calibrated point sources and the diffuse emission calibration at scales smaller than 1 degree was corrected for the variation of the IRAS detector responsivity with scale and brightness. The uncertainty on the IRIS calibration and zero level are dominated by the uncertainty on the DIRBE calibration and on the accuracy of the zodiacal light model. The color HiPS has been created from individual bands 100 (red channel), 60 (green channel) and 25 (blue channel) microns.
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hips_release_date    = 2019-05-05T06:37Z
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hips_frame           = galactic
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obs_ack              = This research has made use of the NASA/ IPAC Infrared Science Archive, which is operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
prov_progenitor      = IPAC/NASA
bib_reference        = 2005ApJS..157..302M
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t_min                = 45335
t_max                = 45639
obs_regime           = Infrared
em_min               = 0.000012
em_max               = 0.0001
hips_builder         = Aladin/HipsGen v10.123
hips_tile_width      = 256
hips_pixel_scale     = 0.01431
hips_initial_fov     = 100.0
hips_initial_ra      = 82.5185467
hips_initial_dec     = +25.8941503
hips_creation_date   = 2010-06-09T06:33Z
hips_order_min       = 0
dataproduct_subtype  = color
moc_sky_fraction     = 1
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moc_type             = stmoc
moc_time_order       = 25
moc_time_range       = 1
moc_order            = 8
obs_initial_ra       = 82.5185467
obs_initial_dec      = +25.8941503
obs_initial_fov      = 0.2290324274544937
TIMESTAMP            = 1713853127812