KiDZ gri images

  • Title: KiDZ gri
  • Type: colored HiPS image
  • Best pixel angular resolution: 201.3mas
  • Max tile order: 11 (NSIDE=2048)
  • Available encoding tiles: png
  • Tile size: 512x512
  • Processing date: 2023-04-25T15:46Z
  • HiPS builder: Aladin/HipsGen v12.044
  • Coordinate frame: equatorial
  • Area: 0.058% of sky => 23.91 deg2
  • Associated coverage map: MOC
  • Property file: properties
  • Base URL:

This survey can be displayed by Aladin Lite (see above), by Aladin Desktop client (just open the base URL)
or any other HiPS aware clients.
(*) HiPS is a recommended International Virtual Observatory Alliance standard:HiPS REC. The HiPS technology allows a dedicated client to access an astronomical survey at any location and at any scale. HiPS has been invented by CDS-Université de Strasbourg/CNRS (2015A&A...578A.114F). It is based on HEALPix sky tessellation and it is designed for astronomical scientifical usages (low distorsion, true pixel values...).